Melissa Moore

Because of Julie Johnson’s expertise and no nonsense attitude, I was able to trust her completely with my case during a very difficult time in my life. She worked hard for me and my family and she genuinely cared about the mistreatment I had received from my own insurance carrier. She is tough, extremely skilled in her profession and has the well known name and reputation to support it. I knew immediately she was the attorney for my family. I am in the insurance industry and was absolutely distraught over the allegations and mistreatment handed down by my insurance carrier. I was treated very unfairly and was verbally abused by my insurance company’s attorney, until I hired Julie. As soon as she was on my case, the insurance company changed their attitude! Julie deposed numerous people and I attended those depositions, and observed as she left the other side speechless, bewildered and defeated. It was empowering to say the least. She had battled this insurance company in the past and they knew her well. Having her on my case without a doubt increased my settlement, as they did not want to go to trial against her. I will forever be grateful for what she did for my family and will always know I have someone I can depend on when the fight is too much for me alone!