S. Henry

I am impressed with Julie Johnson and all the staff (Peggy, David, etc). Julie is a force to be reckoned with. Cool, Calm and Tough. Peggy was incredibly patient and helpful keeping me up to date on every single change and important details. Though I was a bit anxious about many things, she never made me feel like I was being a bother throughout this lengthy experience. I had a unique case against a car dealership that was challenging and from the dealers standpoint, not even valid. Originally I was intimidated going against such a large dealership that treated me like dirt without even blinking an eye. With Julie Johnson I learned to turn my anger and trauma into justice. Despite them trying to laugh me out of the mediation room, Julie Johnson literally made them pay me. I don’t think they were laughing after that. Thanks so much for going after bad companies who make a living at taking advantage of consumers.