With kindest regards, Vicki Sue Claytor

Dear Julie Johnson and staff of the Law Office of Julie Johnson,

When I was rear ended in 2006, I thought I could handle it myself foregoing legal fees etc. thinking I was rear ended, it was his fault. What I failed to understand was after a year of dealing with his insurance company, physical therapy and all the medical bills, his insurance company was in control and I was helpless.

They offered half of my medical bills, leaving me to pay the difference and told me they would not pay anything above that and they were not negotiating with me! Wait a minute I was the one who had her car totaled and was injured, whose life was disrupted by a negligent driver and yet I was being run over again. I decided I would not be a victim twice.

I called you at the¬†¬†Law Office of Julie Johnson¬†and it was the best decision I ever made. Your staff took care of me from day one. My accident was a year old but your staff treated me as if it happened yesterday. I was told sit back and relax because we have it covered from here on out. The bill collectors stopped calling, and you dealt with everything all I had to do was show up at my deposition. You did all the negotiating to ensure I got what I deserved and got my bills reduced too. Your office even kept me informed of the progress being made. You gave me back my life without stress and I can’t tell you how much you and you’re staff is appreciated.

No offense I love you all but I never want to be in this situation again however if I am I know who to call and believe me when I say I will be referring everyone I know to the best and that is the Law Office of Julie Johnson. Thank you.