A TBI can have lifelong consequences. you need aggressive legal representation to get you just compensation for your injury.

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back injuries

pain from a back injury can take days to materialize after an accident. if you’ve suffered a back injury due to someone else’s negligence, you need an attorney who will fight to get you just compensation for your injuries.

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neck injuries

neck injuries can be catastrophic and even result in partial or full paralysis. we understand the often unforeseen consequences of serious neck injuries and will fight to get you just compensation.

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the law office of julie johnson’s
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Let Us Help You Seek Justice For Your Injuries

At the Law Office of Julie Johnson, you’ll find a lawyer who is passionate about helping people during difficult times in their lives. Since 1991, founder and personal Injury lawyer in Dallas Julie Johnson has provided Texans with valuable, experienced legal counsel, and has handled thousands of cases. READ MORE

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Accidents happen every day. You were driving on one of Dallas’ highways when a tractor-trailer hit you or a normal day at work turns tragic when your arm was caught in a metal press. We have insurance to protect us when these incidents occur, but that insurance is not always easy to work with. As you navigate the personal injury claims process, Dallas personal injury lawyer Julie Johnson will refuse to give up until your case resolves for what you deserve. The Law Office of Julie Johnson has been helping accident victims in the Dallas, Texas area since 1991. They have helped victims after accidents of all types, from victims of car crashes on I-30 to the serious complications of dangerous drugs. When another person or company’s negligence leads to a serious injury or death, Julie is there to help victims seek compensation.

Do I need a car accident attorney?

If your accident involves serious medical expenses, substantial lost wages due to time out of work, or if it resulted in permanent disability or your loved one’s death, it is likely that you will be entitled to a substantial settlement. Whether or not the insurance company will compensate you fairly is a completely different question. The job of a Dallas personal injury attorney like Julie Johnson is to help injured victims understand their right to compensation and then pursue that compensation via an insurance claim and, if necessary, a lawsuit. Doing so requires gathering and submitting evidence that proves the defendant’s negligence caused a serious injury or death. Additionally, many injury claims involve uninsured drivers, government entities, or large companies. Each of these situations presents unique challenges to securing a fair settlement. The assistance of a personal injury attorney is extremely beneficial for those left dealing with significant physical limitations, emotional trauma, and financial burdens. We aim to bring our clients the convenience of having a professional handle their claim, as well as provide the knowledge and experience they need to resolve the claim in a satisfactory manner.

Does Julie Johnson handle my type of injury claim?

The Law Office of Julie Johnson handles several types of personal injury cases in the Dallas, Texas area.

Brain Injuries

Any type of accident might lead to a brain injury if it is serious enough – auto, workplace, slip and fall, etc. Like all cases, you will need to establish negligence and liability. But in these cases, accounting for the full effects of the injury is vital to reaching a fair resolution. If the injury occurred to a child, it may result in a life-long disability that requires professional health care. An adult who suffers a brain injury may be unable to continue working and, thus, unable to earn a living. These are factors for which insurance companies may not account when making you a settlement offer. Julie and her team will account for them so you reach a fair settlement.

Bus Accidents

Whether you were riding DART, Greyhound, or a private carrier, if you were injured as a passenger on a bus or were hit by a bus, you are entitled to file a claim against the negligent party. Bus companies may be vicariously liable for their drivers’ negligent actions, so the defendant is likely to be the company employing the bus driver. Julie Johnson sort out these details for you and get the evidence necessary to hold a negligent driver and bus company liable for your damages.

Car Accidents

The city of Dallas boasts some of the highest traffic accident numbers in the state of Texas. When you look at the numerous highways in and around the city along with the commuting traffic from nearby suburbs, it makes sense that we see a lot of incidents in our area. But if you or someone close to you was in a wreck, the statistics likely mean little to you. We work with each client to assess her damages, the effects of the wreck on her life, and any unique factors present in the case. Julie makes sure her clients get the compensation they deserve and will pursue a claim all the way to court when necessary.

Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Our doctors prescribe medication to cure what ails us, but there are several drugs on the market whose side effects can be worse than the conditions they treat. If a drug company produces a medication that causes severe complications, then it may be liable for patients’ damages. These can be very complicated cases, so if you suspect a drug caused your severe side effects, work with Julie and her team to evaluate the case. You may be able to establish liability on various grounds, from strict liability to negligence for not reporting known side effects.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Accidents caused by drunk drivers often result in more catastrophic injuries. This is because drunk drivers’ behavior behind the wheel is more erratic, abrupt, and the accidents often occur at high rates of speed. Julie Johnson helps the victims of drunk drivers seek compensation for their injuries. Victims of these accidents should also know that the outcome of a criminal case against the drunk driver does not necessarily dictate how the civil case will go. The burden of proof is lower for civil claims compared to criminal cases. Julie works diligently to obtain the evidence for your civil injury claim that proves the drunk driver’s negligence and entitles you to a fair settlement.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists often get an unfair reputation for being reckless drivers and, in some cases, receive little sympathy for being involved in a traffic accident. The truth is, even cautious and experienced riders can find themselves seriously injured in a crash when other drivers are negligent. And in many cases, it is the driver of a passenger vehicle who caused the wreck. If you were cut off, side-swiped, or otherwise compromised while riding your motorcycle, the negligent driver is liable for your injuries and damages. Julie Johnson helps motorcyclists across the Dallas area secure fair settlements for their injuries and long-term damages.

Pedestrian Accidents

Big cities like Dallas are always encouraging more pedestrian-friendly development to cut down on traffic congestion and promote healthy neighborhoods. As wonderful as these initiatives are, they can also put pedestrians at a higher risk of injury when there is inadequate attention paid to their safety. Aside from city improvements like more sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly areas, drivers need to pay close attention to driving responsibly when people are walking and biking near the streets. If you were on foot, on a bike, on a skateboard, or on any other non-powered transportation and you were hit by a vehicle, Julie Johnson can help you file an injury claim against a distracted or negligent driver.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A cracked sidewalk, a broken staircase, a wet floor – these are all simple hazards that property owners should address as soon as they discover them. Unfortunately, the owners of public properties such as parks, stores, and businesses do not always attend to these corrections until someone has been hurt. If you were injured while legally on another’s property, you may be able to hold the property owner liable for your damages. Julie Johnson helps her clients determine who was liable for upkeep of the hazardous area, develops the evidence necessary to show they neglected to fix the hazard, and proves that her clients deserve compensation for the injuries they suffered due to that negligence.

Truck Accidents

Dallas is a busy area for semi truck transit and on any given day there are hundreds of big rigs going in and out of our city. Along with the hustle and bustle of our regular commuting traffic, semi truck accidents are an unfortunate reality. Truck accidents often result in catastrophic damages, permanent injuries, or death due to the difference in vehicle size. The monetary damages resulting from a truck accident can easily cross into the hundreds of thousands, even millions, and the truck company insurer often will not settle these claims easily. Secure help from a Dallas personal injury lawyer who knows how to handle cases against truck company insurers – call Julie today.

Workplace Accidents

Your employer has workers’ compensation insurance on you for a reason, and even if the accident was not due to another’s negligence, you should still be entitled to benefits if you were hurt on the job. But some insurers do not have the proper insurance, fail to recognize an employee’s valid case, or try to stop benefits too soon. These cases can get complex and complicated when insurers argue about whether an injury is work-related or argue the disability created by the injury. Talk to Julie Johnson about your case and what benefits you deserve. Julie can help you make sure you are getting the full range of benefits and the recovery time to which you are entitled.

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one does not have to be made even harder by insurance companies refusing to pay your family the right amounts of compensation. Your wrongful death claim should account for the permanent loss of a family member’s emotional and financial contributions to loved ones. Julie’s focus is on making sure your family is financially set to handle the economic impact of your loved one’s loss, and is fairly compensated for the emotional losses as well. There are long-term damages for which your claim should account, so work with Julie to identify all of your damages and present them to the insurance company.

experience matters

Choosing a personal injury lawyer is a big decision. The outcome of a serious injury can have lifelong consequences for you or a loved one. The Law Office of Julie Johnson understands the complexities of personal injury law and can help you navigate the process.

We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients who’ve been injured in serious car accidents, on the job, or simply walking across a street in Dallas Texas and the greater DFW area.

If you’ve been injured in a serious accident, please contact our firm today to discuss your case. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation and there is no fee to you unless we win your case.

Do Not Hesitate to Ask Julie Johnson about Your Claim

As a Dallas personal injury attorney with a family of her own, Julie Johnson is dedicated to being a source of answers and comfort for her clients. No question is too simple or odd for her to answer if it brings you peace of mind and helps you get the information you need. Julie offers free consultations to anyone who was in a severe accident involving serious injury or death of a loved one. Whether you know exactly who should be responsible for your damages or you are at a loss for where to start, Julie will listen to your situation and provide guidance on what to do next. You are likely entitled to a settlement if the accident was mostly the fault of another person or company. Insurers and courts determine your eligibility to recover damages by examining the evidence pertaining to how and why the accident occurred and what type of damages you sustained in the accident. Proving liability of another party is the key to whether the insurance company will settle your case for a fair amount. Before you accept a settlement offer – if the insurance company offers one at all – set up a consultation with Julie Johnson to determine if your offer is fair.

Julie Johnson Looks Out for Her Clients in the Long Term

It is never too late to consult Julie regarding your injury claim. Even if you already filed a claim with the insurance company, as long as you have not signed a settlement agreement, Julie can always review your case to determine if an offer covers all of the damages to which you may be entitled. If your settlement offer does not cover the following types of damages, you may face future financial difficulties when the long-term effects of a serious accident begin to catch up.

  • Medical expenses, both current and estimated future needs
  • Current lost wages and reduced earning capacity
  • Damages to personal property
  • Emotional damages (pain and suffering)
  • Long-term complications or disabilities from the injuries

The insurance company may look at the damages you accumulated up to the date of your settlement offer, and may not consider if you will need future medical care or if you will be unable to work. Once you settle your claim, it is typically your one and only chance to seek compensation for your damages, so estimating future expenses is a critical part of your injury claim. It takes extensive medical knowledge to estimate the long-term effects of a serious injury. While some injuries like a broken arm typically heal without too many complications, serious injuries like brain damage can cause permanent, life-altering effects. You need the input of expert medical witnesses and vocational experts to accurately determine the economic damage a serious or permanent injury can create. Julie Johnson calls upon these professionals when necessary to help you get the full compensation you deserve.

The Law Office of Julie Johnson – Making Your Injury Claim Easier to Handle

There is no need to be bothered by insurance adjusters calling you for documentation and information when you have Julie Johnson representing your injury claim. Julie and her team take over all of the difficulties of dealing with the insurance company so you can focus on healing and your family. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you seek the help of a trusted Dallas personal injury attorney. Once Julie begins work on your case, you owe nothing until she obtains a fair settlement for your damages. You only get one chance at settling your injury claim for a fair amount, and if your medical bills are already in the thousands, that is a chance you do not want to leave up to the insurance company. Julie will help you negotiate your settlement offer with the insurer, and if they will not give you a reasonable offer for your damages, your case can and will go to court if it is necessary for your future well-being. Contact The Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC to schedule a free consultation regarding your case. Come with questions ready, because Julie is dedicated to making sure her clients know exactly where their case stands against the insurance companies. Call us today at 214-290-8001 to schedule time to chat with Julie.


Julie and Cathy were amazing they helped from the day of my accident to my recovery and still after kept in touch. Best lawyers I have ever had. I truly recommend them 100%. They get the job done no matter what. They will keep you in the loop as well not just go about their business with other clients I was #1 to them all the time.
~ S.P.

The law office of Julie Johnson are exceptional, dedicated and compassionate . Once I discussed my case wtith them, they understood me very well without doubts and knew exactly what to do. They are very knowledgable and worth recommending to everyone. Call them and you will not regret it, you will be so happy you did.
~ A.

They were more than understanding and patient with my needs. They listened and accommodated me in every way possible without leading me on. I highly recommend this law firm. They are honest and fair and eager to help.
~ K.I

Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC

Law Office of Julie Johnson, PLLC

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