Dallas Construction Accident Lawyer

Dallas Construction Accident Lawyer

Builders and Property Owners Are Obligated to Provide a Safe Site

Developers, builders and their managers enter the construction industry to build buildings, not focus on safety. However, safety is a big part of the game, and when management fails to provide a safe construction site environment for employees and visitors, they can be held accountable for damages, injuries and compensation.

At the Dallas law firm of the Law Office of Julie Johnson we have handled construction accident cases for over 10 years and can work effectively to recover significant compensation for serious injuries. Were you injured by:

  • A truck, backhoe, forklift, crane or other vehicle or heavy machinery?
  • Lack of safety features on machinery, or from a defective tool?
  • An unsafe floor or roof?
  • A trench collapse or falling accidents?
  • Electrical code violations?
  • Improperly installed temporary or permanent electrical wiring?

Construction industry employers are required to follow OSHA regulations, protect workers from falls, maintain safety features on tools and machinery, maintain lock out/tag out standards and otherwise safeguard your safety and your loved ones’ safety. If you have questions regarding construction site injuries, we can help.

For experienced and knowledgeable legal help following construction site injuries and fatal accidentscontact the Law Office of Julie Johnson at 214 265-7600

We handle construction site accident cases against workers’ compensation non-subscriber employers and against third-party contractors, subcontractors, vendors and other parties. Firm lawyer Julie Johnson is a former board member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, and can aggressively and effectively negotiate and litigate for your maximum compensation. For a no-charge discussion of your construction accident case, contact Dallas Construction Accident Lawyer Julie Johnson.

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