Dallas Premises Liability Attorney

You slipped, tripped, or fell on someone else’s property. You suffered serious injuries. And, though you reported the incident, you’re unsure about filing a lawsuit against the property owner. You don’t necessarily want to sue the owner, but you’re missing work, losing income, and your bills are piling up. All you want to do is get your life back on track. What are your options?

When you or a loved one sustain a serious injury on someone else’s land or property, you have the right to seek compensation that will cover your medical bills, therapy, lost work time, and pain and suffering. Premises liability and slip and fall lawyer Julie Johnson will help you get the settlement you deserve.

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We’ll Hold Property Owners Responsible for Their Negligent Actions

Property owners have certain duties to prevent injuries to those who enter upon their property. When they fail in these duties and injuries result, our firm works tirelessly to hold owners liable for financial damages. Regardless of where or how you were hurt, we can help!

Trip, slip, and fall accidents can occur on the following types of premises:

  • malls;
  • grocery stores;
  • parking lots;
  • apartment complexes;
  • townhouse complexes;
  • gyms, retirement homes, and daycare centers;
  • condominium complexes; and
  • other property.

The most common and preventable causes of premises accidents include:

  • slick, slippery floors;
  • uneven surfaces;
  • poorly maintained steps or stair railings;
  • tripping hazards;
  • poor lighting;
  • lack of warning signs;
  • icy walkways/stairs;
  • ceiling collapses;
  • defective amusement park rides;
  • unfenced or unattended pools; and
  • defective elevators.

A premises’ conditions can also play a significant role in accidents if it’s not built, modified, or maintained up to standard building codes and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. For example, handicap ramps pose a major challenge when they lack the proper handrails or the ramp is too steep or not completely smooth.

Victims often sustain very serious injuries in premises accidents, and what makes it particularly unsettling is that many incidents could have been prevented if it weren’t for the property owner’s negligence.

We Work Hard to Build a Strong Case for You

While premises liability cases are often difficult to prove, that doesn’t stop Julie Johnson from working hard to build a successful case for you. Julie digs deep to prove the following five elements:

  1. there was a condition on the owner’s property or land that posed a risk to those present;
  2. the property owner knew (or should have known) about the dangerous condition;
  3. the property owner acted negligently (either by creating the condition or failing to correct it);
  4. you sustained injuries; and
  5. your injuries were a direct result of the condition on the defendant’s property.

Let Us Fight To Get You Fair Compensation for Your Injuries

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