Settlement Attorney in Dallas

Looking to Resolve Your Case After Sustaining Serious Injuries? You Need a Dallas Settlement Lawyer

Do you know that the majority of legal claims associated with injuries and accidents never reach the stage of a civil court trial? This is because your Dallas settlement attorney may do everything in his or her power to resolve things outside a court. It often makes more sense to resolve things outside of the courtroom whenever possible. Whether you live in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas law provides that you can file a legal claim with the help of a law firm when someone else has caused your injuries.

It is not always an option, however, to resolve things in settlement or mediation and therefore you will also want a Dallas settlement lawyer who is highly experienced with managing litigation claims and will do everything possible to fight for your interests. It can be extremely overwhelming to find yourself in the situation where you are trying to cope with your life after a serious accident and a law firm may be able to assist you with filing your claim.

What Happens After a Serious Accident in Dallas

The insurance company may present you with a settlement offer early on but you may determine this is not in line with the scope of your injuries. Your settlement attorney can evaluate the settlement offer provided to you and determine whether or not it fits the scope of the injuries you have sustained.

With so much on the line for your future and the devastating impact of an accident reaching into your family and years beyond the accident itself, you need a settlement attorney who is dedicated to exploring all possible avenues for resolution and that includes settlement. Most personal injury claims are handled earlier in the litigation process through a negotiated settlement between the different parties. With the right attorney at your side, you don’t have to worry about the mechanics of settlement and can rely on your lawyer’s expertise to determine whether or not a settlement offer is fair or should be countered.

What You Should Know About Informal Settlements

In certain situations, an informal settlement can happen long before the lawsuit is filed. In settlement situations, the plaintiff agrees to forego any right to pursue future legal action associated with this injury or accident and with the help of a Dallas settlement attorney to determine a settlement amount that is fair and in line with the injuries sustained.

The exchange for giving up the right to file a future lawsuit is to receive a settlement offer from the defendant or an insurance company. The defendant may also have to stop carrying out a particular action or agree to perform a certain action depending on the verbiage of your settlement agreement. If you are curious about settling your legal claims after an injury or an accident, you will want to talk to a settlement attorney in Dallas. It is important to get a comprehensive assessment of the injuries you have sustained as well as the next step you should take to protect yourself. There are several different points you need to discuss directly with a Dallas settlement lawyer. These include:

  • Your chances of success at trial
  • Practical obstacles and difficulties with trying the case
  • Weaknesses and strengths in your case
  • Verdicts and settlement outcomes in other cases
  • What your lawyer thinks the case could be worth in terms of a dollar amount
  • The policy limits of the insurance coverage for the defendant in the case
  • The monetary resources of the defendant
  • The lowest amount that you would accept in a settlement offer in order to avoid trial and end the case immediately.

You also must consider how much of your settlement proceeds will be paid to your Dallas settlement lawyer and your necessary expenses. Many personal injury cases require that your attorney be paid via a contingency fee. This means that you do not have to pay them if they are unsuccessful but rather they will take a portion of your winnings after a settlement is achieved.

You must consider what you are willing or available to give up in order to get the case settled. Litigation can be an extensive and expensive process and it can also take away your focus from trying to recover from the injuries you have sustained. Resolving things outside of the court may be in your best interests if your Dallas settlement lawyer agrees that the amount presented or the amount that you were trying to negotiate with the other side is fair and in line with the injuries you have sustained.

This is an individual decision and one that is based on the facts of your case. The injuries in your case may not be fully understood until days or weeks after the accident has happened. You may even reach maximum medical improvement or the point at which your doctors no longer expect you to recover beyond and still find that your accident injuries affect your day to day life. Your Dallas settlement attorney will use this information to help to determine whether or not the settlement offer on the table is fair.

Remember that you do not have to take the first settlement offer that is presented to you by the insurance company or the defendant; rather this is a negotiation process that highlights the importance of a settlement attorney in Dallas who can help you to navigate the complex legal system and arrive at a settlement offer that is fair and helps you to avoid trial.