Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Julie Johnson Seeks Justice for Your Loved One

Traumatic brain injury lawyer Julie Johnson handles personal injury cases involving victims who have suffered serious head trauma in an accident or act of negligence. Brain injuries can be very expensive to treat and victims often face a long road to recovery. Working with an attorney who has handled cases similar to yours will ensure your rights to seek justice and fair compensation are protected.

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We Can Determine if You Have a Case

A traumatic brain injury can occur in a motor vehicle, bike, or pedestrian accident, or because of an illness, oxygen deprivation, or chemical exposure, in addition to other causes.

Below are five of the most common ways victims acquire brain injury:

  • Motor vehicle accident: This can include a car accident or a truck accident and may involve anything from a high-speed, multi-vehicle crash on the Tom Landry Freeway to a two-vehicle accident in the City Center.
  • Pedestrian accident and/or bicycle accident: Pedestrians and bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to brain injury in the event that they are struck by a careless driver.
  • Motorcycle accident: Cars and trucks that fail to “check twice” for motorcycles (or are generally inattentive) put motorcyclists at risk for accidents and subsequent brain injury.
  • Medical malpractice: A doctor’s or hospital’s mistake can leave a patient vulnerable to traumatic brain injury, particularly in cases where the brain may be deprived of oxygen because of negligence or error during surgery.
  • Work-place or construction accident and premises liability: An employer or property owner’s negligence and/or safety violations can lead to serious accidents and injury, such as brain injury.

Brain injury lawyer Julie Johnson helps victims in a variety of circumstances, working with medical specialists, expert witnesses, economists and other experts to quantify injuries and loss and pursue fair compensation.

You Want an Experienced Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Just as medical specialists are sometimes necessary to handle specific medical concerns, some high-level personal injury cases are best handled by a brain injury lawyer who is experienced with serious brain injuries.

Brain injury cases present unique or unusual legal challenges not typically seen with an accident or negligence claim or lawsuit.

For instance, a traumatic brain injury attorney:

  • may need to work with specialists, including neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurosurgeons and rehabilitative specialists;
  • must understand and communicate brain injuries’ subtle and longterm effects; and
  • must pursue compensation to address physical problems that may develop or manifest long after the accident has occurred.

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